Joe Michael McDonald

I make software and games

Swords & Shadows

Swords & Shadows is a top down hack 'n' slash inspired by Zelda and Diablo. This game was a chance for me to explore different components of the Unity 3D game engine. The game implemented AI pathfinding, visual effects, animations and FMOD audio integration. I learnt invaluable project management skills and found my favourite tools - GitHub, Trello and Slack.


Three Bats chasing the player.
An exploding chest with gems inside.
A scary looking structure in a cave.

Dungeon Crawl

Dungeon Crawl is a turn-based multiplayer adventure game that was commissioned by N-Dream. The game was built in Unity 3D and uses the AirConsole API to allow mobile devices to be used as controllers. Implementing an improved build process allowed us to support multiple platforms including WebGL and Android. The project was a huge success and the game is currently number one on the AirConsole platform.

Play Press Kit

Two Skeletons in a library.
A Wizard launching a fireball.
A Goblin standing next to some lava.

About me

I love making software and games. My most successful game is Dungeon Crawl - a multiplayer dungeon adventure which is one of the top games on the AirConsole platform. I’m proficient with Godot, Unity 3D, C# .NET, JavaScript and enjoy using frameworks such as .NET MAUI and React. My IDE of choice is Visual Studio and I’m comfortable using Git and TFS. I’m always looking for exciting new software projects that encourage me to explore new technologies!

I talk a lot about video games, but I also love playing board games with my close group of friends. Some of our favourites include One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Saboteur. I tend to do a lot of cooking at home, which I find really enjoyable, as well as working down at the allotment.




Senior Software Engineer

  • Created mutiple Android and iOS applications using Xamarin and .NET MAUI.

  • Manage and maintain a number of web based applications that use JavaScript and C# .NET.

  • Writes a lot of unit tests and remains test driven.

8‑Bit Ape

MAR 2013 - NOV 2018

Game Developer

  • Released Dungeon Crawl and Swords & Shadows.

  • I had a range of responsibilities from gameplay programming to project management.

  • Games created using Unity, Blender and C# .NET.


NOV 2011 - FEB 2018

Software Test Engineer

  • Worked on a number of web-based products and solutions.

  • Developed web applications using Javascript, Knockout and C# .NET.

  • Created an automated test framework using Selenium and NUnit.


Solent University

SEP 2007 - JUL 2011

BSc Sound for Film, Television and Computer Games (First-Class with Honours)

  • Campus IT award for 3D binaural audio game 3rd year project.

  • Programming units included C++ and C#.

  • Work experience with BBC and London based game studios.